Who we are
Who is Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyant Marketing Agency was established to cover a niche market within the African community to serve as “go -to agency” with purpose. Purpose being, a contribution to the communities and society with a vision of building and creating sustainable development through creative ideas. By coming together and working under the same terms, jobs and development will be created not only in the inner cities but also in the rural areas. Clairvoyant the Agency aims to focus the week’s activities not only on run way shows, but also on education in this industry through workshops in preparation to create working opportunities.

Who Is In The Bag?

In the Bag is a connection that supports creative entities that want to express themselves through their music, photography and Fashion. In the Bag is designed to build the African Brand Nation. Creating more awareness about the products that are being carried by various Africans who tell stories through their creative work. Creating positives images that will build and grow Africa.

For a second year, Clairvoyant Marketing Agency & In The Bag is proud to present The Hub of Africa Fashion Week—Addis Ababa. This year’s theme is ECO-FASHION!