The Rationale: Eco-Fashion

Sustainable fashion, also known as Eco Fashion, is part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability. The goal of which is to create a system that can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility. Sustainable fashion is part of the larger trend of sustainable design where a product is created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its total life span.

Simply put, the term “eco-fashion” refers to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques. This Year The Hub of Africa Fashion Week will create the awareness that designers and consumers need to pay attention to when we think about the future of fashion. As climate change continues to be the focus on Africa’s agenda, and in recognizing that poverty and economic instability could be a huge distress in the continent if various measures are not taken into consideration. We are urging the Fashion Industry to start thinking of sustainable ways that are environmentally conscious!

Clairvoyant & In the Bag are proud to be organizations that lead by example. We thrive on showcasing not only the talent that Africa has to offer, but also how these designers and industry players create a thriving, sustainable business modules that give back to the communities and change people’s lives. As we continue to showcase Africa’s talent, remember to support them so that we can continue to develop and build Africa. Support the Brands!

The Main Event

Clairvoyant & In the Bag present: The Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012— Addis Ababa/Kenya. The event is slated to take place in 2012 in Addis Ababa and Kenya. It will be a three-day event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with an exclusive one night in Kenya. This year’s theme is ECO-FASHION. We intend to invite leading fashion designers and industry players who can serve as role models and share their knowledge.

The Exclusive Event:

This will be a one-night extravaganza featuring selected designers that will be held at a conservation lodge in Kenya! Invitation only!


  • Unite the industry through fashion by featuring designers and fashion industry players in Africa, as well as providing an open platform that promotes trade development and conscious environmental fashion that will create a new platform for a cleaner future. • Promote sustainable development by encouraging young people who have a keen interest in fashion to make good use of their talents, which serves to build the fashion industry in Africa.

Key Points

  • To create awareness in the fashion industry through capacity building, which will empower more young talent to capitalize on the resources available to them and create jobs for those in their own communities and beyond. This year we are thinking on the GREEN platform, which is directed towards a more conscious future!
  • Understanding that environmental approach in the fashion industry is necessary when considering climate change and its effect to our future.

Hub of Africa Fashion Week

  • Understanding that environmental approach in the fashion industry is necessary when considering climate change and its effect to our future.

Designers’ Objectives

  • To create a line that emphasizes on sustainable development and eco fashion. (If possible) bring ideas on Eco Fashion
  • Take part in the production of a short documentary, which will highlight the path taken by each designer in the creation process of their line/ Brand
  • Each designer has a choice of creating an identity attached to the event; producing collectors’ item t-shirts, specifically for the Fashion Week that can be given to all those attending. (Optional)